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Unrivalled knowledge of local, Scottish and UK government and politics.

What we do

Playfair Scotland has unrivalled experience of the Scottish political scene in terms of knowledge of local, Scottish and UK government politics.

Politics has never been as volatile as it is following recent elections, and whatever your project or campaign, Playfair Scotland can provide you with excellent advice, guidance and expertise to help achieve your objectives. We can help you engage effectively with local communities, stakeholders and politicians at all levels of government.

Playfair Scotland will help you frame the debate and help make sure you get the fairest possible hearing for your proposals.

Strategic Communications

Playfair Scotland can work with and seek out those people who can be advocates for your project; communicate with them using the right messages through the right channels to ensure they engage and build a relationship with your service, company or brand to help you get the right decisions taken for the right reasons.

Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Playfair Scotland staff have some of the most extensive knowledge of consultation and community engagement available in Scotland. Our team has worked on campaigns all over Scotland from windfarms and housing developments to supermarkets and on the new generation of the country’s waste facilities. We have also worked on some of Scotland’s largest inward investments.

Reputation Management

The risks from adverse publicity have never been greater and news also travels faster than ever. With our extensive experience of working with local and national press (as well as our social media expertise) we can help protect your organisations reputation to avoid a crisis and ensure your messages get through. Don’t let your project or campaign get off to a bad start. Engage early and with a clear strategy in place.

Public and Media Relations

We have extensive experience of working at all levels of local, national and UK press, media and the public to position our client’s proposals as positively as possible. We can ensure that your narrative gets through to help you get results. 


With our team having carried out political research for key companies in the energy, retail, residential and waste sectors and for the Scottish Government, we are well placed to identify key issues for your proposals and how they are best positioned in a complex political environment. We will ensure that the information on which you base campaigns is both robust and accurate.